Recycling Centers – Go Green



Prepare to recycle.

Before moving home, even before packing, the first thing to do is to is a clear out. Van drivers will tell you of countless times they move items from the old house to the new, only to be asked to dispose of a sofa or a mattress that they have just transported. A double lift and it takes up precious limited space in a van. In articles on tips for moving  the first thing mentioned is often to do a clear out.

Divide the unwanted items into

–         Items to be sold (use free sites such as and Done Deal)

–         Items to give away to charity.

–         Items to pass on to friends and family

–         Unwanted to Recycle.


Man with a van V skip hire.

Van drivers who have permits or permissions to use a recycling facility can call, load and dispose of unwanted items quickly and often cheaper than getting a skip. It is also a much more environmentally friendly way of disposing of items than skip filling which just goes to a land fill.

When a van driver arrives to collect unwanted items, they will usually fill their van in a specific way and that’s because they will unload the items into various areas of the recycling centre. Wood goes to one area, metal to another and carboard to another etc. This division of your waste helps recycling and avoids large scale land fill which is what happens with skips.

How do I go about hiring a man and van to do this? makes this easy. You can check out our Recycling Centre listings and find one that’s close to you. The chances are this will be the one that the man and van may bring your unwanted items but not all recycling centres allow vans to do this commercially. They may have to go to one that they have permission, and this may be more local to them than you. A quick call to the recycling centre will answer this but please be sure to mention it’s a commercial van. You can also do this by filling out the online form at and drivers who have a permit or permission will get back to you with a quote.

What is the charge for recycling using a man and a van ?

Recycling centres have different ways of charging. Some will have a flat fee for a full load/ half load and others will weigh the van in and out and have a kilo price. Heavy items such as top soil and rubble will cost a lot using this type of service. Furniture and personal items etc are ideal for this type of recycling. A professional van driver who does this type of work should be able to give you a price for recycling from a list. He may know for example that sofas cost about 10 a seat or a bed frame will cost about 15. Before filling out the form at have an idea of what you need disposed of so he can give an accurate quote. They will also have to charge for their service and time.