Our man and a van operators are nationwide. Each man and a van has their own story. We contacted one of our longest serving man and a van operators and asked for their story. We asked him questions and got answers and we share them now with you.
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What made you get into the man and a van business ?

Back in 2009 I Had a job delivering furniture for a company in Wicklow. It was going well and then IKEA opened. This was a death blow for a lot of furniture businesses and unfortunately my job was lost. I had a van and started putting up fliers on supermarket noticeboards from a man and a van service. It took off from there. I’ve been with vanquotes.ie since 2010.

Do you enjoy the work of a man with a van ?

Yes. My friends cant believe me but I really enjoy the physical side of being a man with a van. Every day is different. I can be moving a house one day and another day I can be delivering sofas around Dublin. Every day I meet someone new and no day is the same. I have never been a desk person so being a man with a van really suits me.

Would you recommend the job of man with a van ?

100%. Its active, every day is different and over time you can build up a good client base. I work my own hours and can plan my holidays around my family. Salary can be excellent if you apply yourself and follow up leads.

What is the average day for a man with a van ?

I normally start about 9.30 to avoid the work traffic and school runs. My schedule is usually full a few days in advance. No day is the same. Monday could be a house move, Tuesday could be moving an office, Wednesday could be dropping off furniture for a design house. As a man with a van you have to be able to do everything. Skills such as furniture assembly are becoming more relevant. Its an impossible question to answer. Every day is different for a man with a van.

Do you have any tips for someone starting out as a man with a van ?

Put your mane out there. There are a lot of man with a van services so you need to stand out.   Hand out business cards to anyone you do a job for. Be polite and follow up after jobs for a review. Google reviews are great and the reviews at vanquotes.ie help a lot. I do not chase work now. My client base has grown to such an extent that all my calls are from older customers or recommended from an old customer.