Are you a Van Driver? Are you Professional And Reliable? Then look no further.

Most people love the idea of being self-employed. Choose your own hours, organise your life around your family. Most people don’t have this opportunity or finances to make this big step. Being a man with a van is achievable. To start with all you need is a van or access to a van. After that let get you started with leads sent to your phone.

The industry has changed immensely since to birth of the internet and your website is now your shop front. Technology generates leads and sites such as send them to your inbox.

So, you have a van

Best to kit it out to make the work as easy as possible for you. A good trolley saves a lot of back breaking work. If you have a tail lift you can now, consider heavier moves such as pianos. Be sure to get loads of straps and blankets for the van. Protecting your customers furniture and belongings are paramount to any successful man and van service. Did you know that most jobs completed successfully lead to follow on work? Your number will be passed on to friends both real and online. Moving home is a major event in people’s lives and it’s something they will post online. If it’s a job well done, you will get mentioned to potently hundreds of people.

You will need insurance and CVR clearance but also get yourself some hard toe boots and work-wear trousers. You need to protect yourself as well as what you carry. Always make sure your van is clean on arrival as there is no point taking great care loading a sofa only for it to get a stain from an unkept van.

So, you have your van and are set up

 Next port of call is to register with and get leads sent to your phone. The system at send you leads based on the area you are in and the size of the van and load. This enables you to pick and choose your work. It saves you money by trying to fill the spaces in your van for those long trips. Imagine coming back from a job from Dublin to Cork with an empty van when there may have been a job waiting for you. You could have doubled your income for a little more work and no extra fuel costs.

Get all the information before giving a quote

In our online form we ask a series of questions that we know a van operator will need to know before giving a quote. No matter how hard we try there is often something they have forgotten to include. Customers hate surprise price hikes because of incorrect job descriptions just as much as van operators hate to arrive at a house and find a different job to the one that was described. At once you have decided that you would like to tender for the job, we send you the customers phone number and email. Make sure to get all the information before settling on a quote.  

Making to most of every job is essential in growing your business 

especially at the start of your career. Get business cards and hand them out to every customer you work for, follow up every job with a thank you email and ask them to like your Facebook page or write a review on your Google business page. Communication is key, if you have done a good job then you can be certain to get some follow-on work especially if you keep the lines of communication open after the job is completed. 

Asking advice is a good thing.

 If there are any questions you have, or advice sought about how to set up your man and van business please don’t hesitate to call us. We have 100s of drivers signed up in every corner of Ireland so that’s a wealth of experience we can pass on to you.  Send an email to or call us at 015545665.

Safe driving and enjoy your new career.