We share A new homeowner, an old story. So, you have had your bid accepted on a property. The excitement is unbearable. At last, after years of saving and sacrifice you have succeeded. The money is in the bank awaiting a few clicks of your solicitor’s keyboard and a transfer of funds. Any day now, you are promised, any day now.      

You are ready to go, all packed and waiting. You go about your usual routine, nothing else you can do. The wait is unbearable. Why can’t they just talk to each other and get this done. The seller has agreed the price, you have the money sitting, TALK please TALK. Your current landlord has been given his months’ notice and you are now, only by his grace, still a tenant. Boxes are piled up in the hall and your parent’s garage houses the new sofa and the bed that arrived several months ago. When do you take the bunk beds down? When do you empty the last chest of drawers that has the essentials you have been using for what seems like an eternity? You’re in limbo. Certainly not staying but when can you move? TALK please TALK.

Your checklist keeps getting updated. Send in a new meter reading. Ask the rubbish collection to do another week. Tell SKY you are still here. You need broadband now more then ever. God, imagine you missed that email. And the moving company… You have already called them twice to postpone. They are busy, and I know why. They had the best price and the best reviews. You really want them for the move but are afraid that by postponing again you may not get another slot. Can you give them a date anyway? You were convinced the last time when you called them that it was definite. How many more times will they believe you? You don’t believe yourself anymore. You question whether your new home really exists. God, imagine it fell through. You have been looking for 14 months and had your loan approval lapse. The reapplication had to take the new baby into account. The thoughts of not having the space for the new arrival is unthinkable. No, it will be sorted by then. Any day now.

Ok, you decided to call the movers and postpone again. You dreaded the call. In your head you hope the call will still come through to tell you that funds have landed in the sellers account, and you are now cleared to move in. Congratulations call from your solicitor. But you know its Thursday afternoon and that Saturday move is looking less and less likely. You make the call. An honest approach is the best, you have always been told that. 

The movers were fantastic. If anyone out there needs a move use them. www.vanquotes.ie . A choice of moving companies were offered to you but you had chosen www.supervanman.ie as they had the best reviews and great price. They were so helpful and professional. They have given you a new date for the move.  One less thing to stress about. Next Thursday morning. Surely it will all be sorted by then.

Friday has come and you sit in your office. Hard to concentrate on work when all you are thinking about is the call. The afterwork drinks have been suggested. You have passed on this all too often to save the extra few Euros for the house. Perhaps tonight you will be celebrating. Perhaps tonight you will go. Only if the call comes… you won’t enjoy it otherwise. You pass on the drinks. Perhaps next Friday. You call the solicitor for the second time today. You are not expecting anything now. Its 3pm. It all looks good for Monday you are told. Just a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross and you should be there. Why was this not done before! They have had the contract for weeks now. What have they been doing?

The weekend brings somewhat of a relief. No call expected, no disappointments, no lies. Recalibrate and regroup, plan for Thursday. Vanquotes.ie have promised me everything will be fine. They deal with situations like this all the time. New homes are never straightforward. More than 70% do not happen on the first dates. Forget about a Friday deal. We will be ready when you are ready. Thank God for their professionalism. They are your sounding board. They have guided you along the way with packing advice and cost saving tips. Now they seem to be your stress councilor. It will happen they say. It is something you will only do a few times in your life. Try to be patient, this time next week…

A few boxes are looking rather haggard. You have had to open and reseal many looking for items you presumed you would not need. The passports were out of date, and you have a wedding to go to next April. They took a bit of work to find. If only you had marked the boxes with contents like vanquotes had told you. You can’t wait for this to end. Day to day, box to box.

Will Monday bring new optimism? You call the solicitor first thing and get a progress report. You don’t manage to speak to him, but the sectary assures you he will return your call. You try and focus on work. Please call. The afternoon rolls around, and no call is returned. 

Tuesday, YES, YES, YES. The call has happened. The money has been transferred. The t’s have been crossed and the i’s dotted. Your savings have gone. The house is yours. The keys are ready to collect. It happened, it really happened. You can’t control your emotions. You can’t work today! How are you expected to work? There was light but now the door is wide open and you can walk through. A homeowner. You call your partner. The relief is evident, and the joy is bountiful.  A quick call to the movers. Thursday is GO. Congratulations are exchanged and the move is in motion. 

You are finally in your new home. The move went smoothly. Vanquotes.ie was by far the easiest thing about the whole process. The boxes have been spread throughout the house. They may remain unopened for a few days. You need to relax. They collected your new sofa and the bed from your parents’ garage, and you are now sitting back in your living room looking at the new surroundings, your surroundings, your home. Glass of wine in hand. Never again, but if you do move again, vanquotes.ie will be your first point of call.