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Holmestown, Barntown, Wexford,
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Please call the facility to enquire whether a man with a van service is allowed there. Some recycling facilities are for domestic use only. You may require advanced permission for vans. Although some items are free to recycle using a car, different rates may apply to vans. Ring ahead and enquire. When looking for a man with a van to remove waste to this recycling facility, choose the "recycle" option in the job type part of the form, this will mean the man with a van does this type of work and has permission to move recycled goods. It is an offence to do this type of work without a permission to move recycled goods. Although this may be the closest recycling facility to you, the man with a van company may have permission to use another facility. When talking to the van company, please ask whether they have permission to unload recycled waste. Please be mindful that if a quote is very cheap they may be unlawfully disposing of the recyclables. It is your responsibility to ensure this does not happen. Some facilities operate a weigh bridge, some charge per load and others charge for various items. The man with a van that contacts you should be able to give you a price for what's to be moved. This will come from their experience. If they are unsure, perhaps come to an agreement that you will pay the recycling fees and pay the operator a fee for the service of moving it to the facility.

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