Removal Van house Moves,

Choosing the correct sized removal van for your house move is an important decision. There are many types of removal vans and choosing the correct removal van will make your house move easier and less stressful.

A Removal van is what is needed for large house moves. If it is a large house and the destination is close it is possible to use a smaller removal van and do multiple trips. If the distance between locations is long, then a large removal van is a better idea. If the distance is short for the house move then a smaller removal van doing multiple trips is often the preferred method for house moves. There are advantages to both sized removal vans for short distance moves.

A Large removal van.

The main advantage of a large removal van is that the house move can be completed in one go. This in theory should make the house move quicker. It might be cheaper, but this is not always the case.

Multiple trips with a small removal van.

This will take longer but this often means an easier load. Removal van companies who have smaller removal vans and know the move will take a few trips can often make the move less stressful as the move-in is staggered. It’s easier to organize the unload as the house is not suddenly overloaded with furniture and boxes all arriving at the same time. You can start arranging things before the second load arrives. Smaller removal van companies often charge by the load and therefore you can reduce your costs by doing some of the move in yourself at your own pace either before or after the move day.

Both size removal vans have advantages over each other. Our recommendation would be to talk to the removal van companies and whoever you feel will meet your demands and expectations of the day, go with them. A small difference in price should not outweigh an easier move. Websites like get different removal van quotes and offer feedback from customers you used them.