Renting the right van and storage.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘What type of storage unit will I require?’
Correct Sized Van.

  • Are the goods to be left untouched while in the storage unit long term?
  • Will you need access to the storage unit to take stuff in and out of for the duration?

If it’s the latter, you should consider a storage unit that is bigger than the volume you require for Renting the right van and storage. This will allow for easier access and withdrawal of items. It means not unpacking the unit to get to that box of Christmas decorations at the back. If the unit will be filled and left until emptied, then get a smaller storage unit to keep your costs down.

1.Make a list of what needs to be stored.

When making the list, decide if it’s an item that is really needed or can it be dumped or donated. Here is a list of charities that may interest you. Charities click here. It’s amazing how much stuff gets stored only to be thrown out at the end. Making the list is essential before you talk to the experts.

2.Talk to the expert in the storage facility.

Give them the list and ask for their advice. Who better to ask than the people who work at the storage unit? They are experts at this and should be able to tell you the size of the unit needed.

3.Renting the right van and storage.

Websites such as have a huge range of vans to choose from. They have almost 1000 removal companies on their books all over Ireland. will be able to get you the best price and the correct sized van. The list of what is to be stored is all the information the removal company should need.

  1. Talk to the Removal Company

Like the employees at the storage facility, they will know from experience the amount of space necessary for your goods. The more advice you get the better. The difference in price between a 100sq ft unit and a 75sq ft unit over 6 months could cover the removal company costs.

  1. Use Free apps.

They are not quite as accurate as advice from the storage or removal companies, but they can be helpful.

Here is one storage volume app

  1. Fill the van and reassess.

The most accurate way to judge the volume needed is to fill the van. Then work out the square foot/cubic foot from the dimensions of the van. As mentioned have a large range of vans and we have calculated their volumes in this simple table. These are the most popular removal vans used in Ireland and their dimensions, all are available through Specifications may vary slightly depending on year and model.

(Place table here)

Once fully loaded you can work out the unit size needed by knowing the volume of the van. If you have under or overestimated the volume needed, just call ahead, talk to the storage company about upgrading or reducing the size of the storage unit you need. This will either save you money or hassle in the long run.









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