Use a professional or DIY?

DIY or Use a professional. 

So, you are planning the move. Usually one of the first things you consider is, can we move it ourselves ? This will either involve doing multiple trips in a car, borrowing a friend with a van or renting a van. All three are options to consider. All have advantages and drawbacks. Cost is usually the main determent to deciding to do it yourself. There are reasons to consider hiring a man with a van that may overrule the cost saving advantage.

1.       Time. An average sized van say a Mercedes Sprinter can hold a comfortable 75 sq ft of goods. An average car holds less than 7 comfortably. An average car will also not do anything larger than bedside lockers or a coffee table. Do you want to spend the day going back and forth wasting fuel and time when a van might do the whole job in a couple of hours?

2.       So, you decide to borrow a friend’s van. Now for the packing and transporting. As mentioned earlier a experienced man with a van is spatial aware of how to get the most into the van and in a manner to reduce the chance of any breakages.  How would you feel if you decided to go down this route to save some money and it all gets wasted as the hall mirror is broken because it was not packed correctly? Also, the fact that your packing will not be as tight as a professional and the same move may take extra trips in the van and therefore more time.

3.       Hiring a van.  A great option for some, especially if you want to do a few bits on the same day. Picking up the sofa from friends’ garage, collecting flat pack from IKEA, dropping off unwanted table to a charity shop. There are however some things to consider before taking on this task. Are you a comfortable driver of larger vehicle? Scratch the hired van and your saving will disappear quite quickly! Will your insurance move over to the vans without any extras? Will you have the van back in 24 hours so as not to have to pay for two days? Is there a mileage allowance and what the cost if you go over this allowance?

Now after considering the three DIY options, consider an experienced man with a van arrives at your door with a helper (or yourself to help) and fully pack a van taking the items from the rooms around the house and transports them safely and unpacks at the other end. Placing the furniture in your desired positions. An average van takes an hour to load, 45 mins to unload and then travel time. Realistically a small house or apartment can be fully moved from one place in a county to another place in the same county in about three hours. Costs for this type of move could be as low as €150.  Remember that larger moves can be done in multiple trips.

There is no harm in getting a price and at you get up to 4 quotes from local man with a van companies. If price might be your main deterrent, then at least get a quote. It may be cheaper than you think and will certainly be quicker, safer and less stressful.

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