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Shamrock Terrace, North Strand,
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Normal Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. The following materials are accepted from Domestic Householders Only: Aluminium cans: e.g. cola cans, beer cans; Food tins/metal cans: e.g. bean tins, biscuit tins; dog tins (remove foil); Plastic Bottles: e.g. milk, mineral bottles — washed with no lid; Tetrapak cartons: e.g milk, juice cartons; Glass bottles: e.g. green, brown, clear jars/bottles — sort by colour; Newspapers/magazines: eg. Paper, junk mail, glossy magazines, comics; Cardboard: e.g. food boxes, cardboard packaging — clean dry only; Timber Old furniture, skirting board: remove bolts, hinges, glass; Garden/Green waste: grass, hedge clippings — No clay, Stones; Flat Glass: window glass, remove all wood, frames; Car Batteries; Household batteries; Fluorescent Tubes; Waste Oil; Cooking Oil; Gas Cylinders; Large Electrical Household Appliances; Small electrical household appliances: Toasters, irons, radios, CD Players — put in to small cages; Televisions/Computer monitors; Scrap metal; Clothes; Mobile Phones; Compost; Bulky Waste & Green Waste Accepted at a charge (Furniture, Carpets, Hedge Clippings, Etc)

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