Ballymount Recycling center

Ballymount Recycling center

Ballymount Recycling center
Business name: Ballymount Recycling center
Business address: Ballymount Ave, Dublin 24,
County: — Choose One —
Phone number: 01 4621251

Materials Accepted free of charge:

Cardboard, Waste Oil, Paper, Glass Bottles and Jars, Aluminium Beverage Cans, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bags (with recyclable symbol), Textiles, Ink Cartridges, Batteries (domestic and car), Fridges/Freezers, Electrical Appliances, Computer Equipment, White Goods (Washing Machines etc), Fluorescent tubes, Light bulbs, Calor Gas bottles.

Please note that Ballymount Civic Amenity has altered the plastic collection streams but are continuing a 3 bin plastic recycling system. Due to contamination issues and the request from our end recycler, Bin 3 will take Hard Plastics Only.

This bin was previously labelled “All other plastics”. The following 3 bin plastic recycling system is now currently in operation:

Bin 1 – Plastic Bottles only,

Bin 2 – Soft Plastics only (Plastic bags, bubble/shrink wrap, non food plastic wrapping)

Bin 3 – Hard Plastics only (Garden furniture, children’s toys, plastic piping etc.).

No food contaminated plastic will be accepted, only clean, dry plastic will be accepted. Materials accepted with a charge: Scrap Metal, Timber, Green Garden Waste, General Household Waste, Bulky household Items (Furniture), Household Hazardous Waste (paint, detergents etc), Plasterboard. We will not accept… Non Household Hazardous waste, Commercial Waste, Household hazardous waste in unlabelled containers, Soil.

Nowadays it is possible to recycle almost anything, and Ireland has been working to make it easier for people to dispose of their reusable items. There are clothes banks, bottle banks and electrical bring centres all over the country

You can check out our listing of recycling centres close to you. makes this easy. You can check out our Recycling Centre listings and find one that’s close to you. The chances are this will be the one that the man and van may bring your unwanted items but not all recycling centres allow vans to do this commercially. They may have to go to one that they have permission, and this may be more local to them than you. A quick call to the recycling centre will answer this but please be sure to mention it’s a commercial van. You can also do this by filling out the online form at and drivers who have a permit or permission will get back to you with a quote.

Prepare to recycle.

Before moving home, even before packing, the first thing to do is to is a clear out. Van drivers will tell you of countless times they move items from the old house to the new, only to be asked to dispose of a sofa or a mattress that they have just transported. A double lift and it takes up precious limited space in a van. In articles on tips for moving  the first thing mentioned is often to do a clear out.

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