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Athy Civic Amenity Centre, Gallows Hill, Athy, Co. Kildare
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Pricing: €2.25 per car, €4.50 for car and trailer/van/4x4. The only exception will be vehicles that are carrying electrical goods only as there can be no charge on these items. What is the Civic Amenity Centre? The Civic Amenity Centre, custom-built site where householders can bring a wide range of materials for recycling or disposal where necessary. The Civic Amenity Centre is operated and managed by Oxigen Environmental. Where is the Civic Amenity Centre? Travelling into Athy, on the N9, from Kilcullen/Naas direction: Turn right at King Oil, down the small avenue next to the forecourt of the service station. KCC Athy Roads Depot at bottom of avenue, Athy Civic Amenity Centre to the right. How is the centre used? There is a separate container or skip for each type of material at the Civic Amenity Centre. All materials must be segregated. Remember that wet or dirty material can contaminate other dry recyclables. When this happens nothing can be recycled, and the whole load has to be sent to landfill for disposal. Points to remember: Electrical goods are free of charge; Recyclables should be clean and dry; no food waste, dirt, or waste products; All food and detergent containers should be washed out thoroughly; food waste attracts pests, and detergents may be harmful to other people; Boxes, cartons and tetra-pak must be flattened before depositing in their designated skips; All plastic and polystyrene must be separated from cardboard; Make sure you put the correct material in the correct container. Chargeable Materials: Wood: Garden, Hardwood Flooring, Doors; Bulky Items: Furniture, Carpets; General Waste: Domestic refuse; Soil, Stones: Bricks, Paving, Concrete, Soil; Metals: Bicycles, Scrap Metal, Radiators; Green Garden Waste: Grass, Hedge Clippings, Plants; Gas Cylinders: Place all cylinders upright; Fire Extinguishers: Must be discharged; Waste Oils: Cooking Oil, Motor Oil; Household Hazardous Waste Paint, Old Medicine, Strippers/Thinners, Detergents/Bleaches; Domestic Recyclables (Car €2.25, Car and Trailer/Van/Jeep €4.50). Charges: The Centre operates a "Pay by Weight" system. We regret that we cannot take large commercial vehicles, under condition 5.1.1 of our EPA Waste Licence 175 - 1. These large commercial vehicles can be accommodated at Silliot Hill Integrated Waste Management Facility, in Kilcullen, where the same weight charges as outlined above apply.

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